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  • Boy's Bathroom Cleaner
  • Boy's Bathroom Cleaner
  • Boy's Bathroom Cleaner

Boy's Bathroom Cleaner

boys' bathroom



Strong enough to tackle the Men's Room, but refined enough for the Ladies. BBC cuts through the grittiest bathroom grime, neutralising germs and odours while discouraging mould and bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals. Use on the basin, tub and toilet. A post-flush spritz on the seat (and in the air) will keep things civilised in the loo, there's a good chap.

500 ml or 1 litre refil.

Australian White Grapefruit: The signature scent. Not a straightforward "citrus", this is a lighter, more subtle blossom fragrance. Imagine crushing a grapefruit flower between your fingers. Lovely. A classic scent that's perfect for clearing household odours all year round.

or Original Fig



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